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Interview with David Cruise

The Metro-Centre is currently buzzing with the St George’s Day vibe, so what better time than to speak to the man himself, David Cruise about how he feels about our celebration and his personal beliefs on this special day.

Metro-Centre: Hello, David. St George’s Day ought to be a national holiday, shouldn’t it?

David Cruise: Absolutely, no doubt about it! St Andrew’s day in Scotland is, St Patrick’s in Ireland… Why can’t we have St George’s day here? Where’s the spirit of pride there?

Metro-Centre: We’re feeling very proud here, David! How are the celebrations going to be looking?

David Cruise: I’m really, really pleased with the line-up we’ve got. The fact that Surrender are playing is just amazing, the girls can’t wait to see the Metro-Centre and do some shopping of their own! Then the parade on Saturday is just going to be amazing. The local Brooklands community have really come together and are going to be putting on an amazing show. It’ll be a sea of red and white.

Metro-Centre: And the Bears are going to be leading the parade?

David Cruise: Of course they are, it wouldn’t be the Metro-Centre without them!

Metro-Centre: And will they be fighting the dragon?

David Cruise: (laughing) Well, we’ll see, it’s traditional for the dragon to get slaughtered, so I expect so!

Metro-Centre: You’ve said in interviews that the dragon is ‘still out there’, what do you mean by that?

David Cruise: The dragon is a metaphor… You see there are elements, sadly elements within our own communities, that the dragon has come to represent… It’s sad, but in today’s day and age inevitable. The legend of St George lives on because the dragon is very much out there. It’s in our streets, in our corner shops, in the back room of our next-door neighbour… And it still has to be vanquished. We still need to defeat the dragon.

Metro-Centre: Will we be seeing you in your suit of armour then, David?

David Crusie: I’ll probably stick to my new suit from High Rise, on the first floor, the new Summer range is in. Recommended!

Metro-Centre: Maybe people could check it out after the parade?

David Cruise: Oh yes, the Metro-Centre will be open after the parade, until midnight in fact, so you can have a look at our new stores there and then.

Metro-Centre: Any other words to say to our readers?

David Cruise: Just make sure you have a great weekend! Really, a lot of nonsense is talked about St George’s Day and patriotism, sometimes it gets clouded with other talk about the day, Shakespeare and so on… But I think this coming Monday… If you really do feel strongly enough, then don’t go into work. Take the day off. Feel pride to be English. Feel pride to wear the St George’s cross and yes, treat yourself to a holiday, come to the Metro-Centre, be with your community. You’d be doing the right thing. St George would be proud and it’s not what they’d expect at all…

Metro-Centre: David, thank you.

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