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Surrender arrive at the Metro-Centre

Superstar girl band Surrender have now arrived at the Metro-Centre in preparation for the St George’s Day Show this evening. Alicia Laing, one of the five members the group told Metro-Centre “We’re delighted to be here, it’s amazing to think that we’ve been invited to such a prestigious event. It’s been ten years since Geri’s union jack dress, so we’re so pleased to show that things have moved on.” The white and red St George’s dresses that the group will wear to perform their top ten hit Day of Forever, have been supplied by new clothing store Abattoir, first floor, South wing. “We’re really looking forward to the show, we’re hoping David Cruise will come and join us on stage.” Well, girls, you never know!

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  Rick McGrath wrote @

Did I also hear Surrender will be playing at the JGB Leisure Centre in Norwich in early May? Apparently an international group of St George supporters are meeting there to discuss a new consumer’s club. It’s still at the concept stage. David Cruise told me he heard the advertising bigwigs upstairs were going to crash the party and give out free Metro-Centre T-shirts to the team. Now, that would be a great promotion! Give Pearson a raise.

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